Monday, January 28, 2019

Enhanced PYP Treasure Trove

In January 2019, PYP teachers in South St. Paul, Minnesota, United States read sections of the new digital resource, “PYP: From principles into practice”. 

To share our understanding of the enhancements with others in our local and global PYP communities, we created digital content: infographics, mind maps, presentations, blog posts, videos and a hyperlinked word cloud that summarized the contents of "PYP: From principles into practice".

Our digital creations (THERE ARE OVER 70!) can be found using this link. They are organized in the same way as the enhanced PYP and you can use the table of contents (the third slide of the linked slide deck) to navigate to different sections. In each section, click on the thumbnails to be linked to the original digital content to see it in bigger detail.
Table of Contents
Here are just some of the digital creations creatively made by PYP teachers in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Click on any of them to go to the vast Treasure Trove of digital creations that summarize the new PYP digital resource.

Nothing is a substitute for reading the original content from IB, but we hope our digital creations inform, inspire and provoke you to act and learn more!

Note for PYP Coordinators and other organizers of professional development: 
If you'd like to replicate or adapt what we did in South St. Paul as a way to help your teachers dive into the new digital resource, "PYP: From principles into practice" here are the steps we took:
  • Learning Engagement 1 (teachers had the option of doing this ahead of our January professional development day and then coming in for Learning Engagement 2 halfway through the day)
  • Learning Engagement 2:
    • Explore:
      • Review others' digital creations and ask:
        • What’s important to remember? What comes up again and again?
        • What’s new? What’s different? What’s changed?
        • Did someone interpret the enhanced content differently than you?
    • Reflect:
      • First individually, then with a partner and finally with the whole group, reflect on what was learned about the enhanced PYP after looking through your colleagues' digital creations.
    • Act:
      • Using a Google Form, submit ideas for what our PYP should do now. These ideas will be added to our action plan.


  1. Hi, Need access to view the content.

    1. If anything is blocked, request permission and whoever created it will hopefully share freely. I asked everyone to set the share settings so that anyone with the link can view, but we might have missed doing that on some. There were about 70 digital products created and each has a different owner.

    2. Hi , need access to view the content

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    1. I'm glad you're finding them worthwhile! Thank you for the feedback!

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